About Galkynd

Our Story

The idea of Galkynd was sparked in August 2019, about a week after my daughter Jasna was born. My passion for empowering women and girls goes as far back as high school when I understood how limited access to education increased inequality women and girls faced around the world. As a Nigerian immigrant whose parents moved to the United States to give their children the best education in the world, I have seen first hand how a good education can lead to opportunities that are life-changing. My grandmother's education was limited to elementary school, but she and my grandfather made sure my mother went to college. My parents made sure I had the opportunity to get an education and pursue my dream of becoming an engineer. Career women of my grandmother's generation did not have. I am an engineer and an entrepreneur because of the opportunities I received.

Having my daughter, and watching her learn every day, has shown me how fortunate we are to be living in a country where education is seen as a right, not a luxury.

My mission is to financially support a year of school fees for 20,000 girls annually in West Africa. I believe education can empower girls to reach their full potential.

-Amira Idris, Owner & Momtrepreneur


A Year of School

Our goal is to provide a year of school to twenty thousand girls each year

Galkind is our way of creating a sustainable stream of giving that wouldn’t rely on donations.